"Naomi Saito" is the main character of the story.

Naomi Saito
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 15 16
Birthday January 31st
Status Alive
Relatives Dan Saito

Kisa Saito

Occupation High School Student
Physcial Description
Height 5'4
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White


Naomi is a sweet kind hard working girl. She's extremely clever and smart, which showed when she scored a perfect score, 100%, for her entrance exams in to High School.


Naomi moved from Osaka to Kyoto when she was a child. Her father treated her like a princess, her mother didn't want anything to do with Naomi once her father died Naomi was on her own with no family and to fend for herself. She lives alone in an apartment in Koharu.


Naomi has long white hair that reaches down to her back. Her hair is always down which causes it to become wavy. She occasionally wears makeup but usually does not because money is scarce.